New dates EIFFEL 2019: 19th & 20th of March
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The second edition of the annual European Investor Forum For Energy Leaders (EIFFEL) will be organised at the May Fair Hotel in London on the 14th and 15th of March 2017. Berenberg, Santander and UBS will be the sponsoring broker partners.
This initiative is launched by the industry itself and involves the participation of around 20 European utilities companies and more than 150 institutional investors. The conference will be the occasion for CEOs, CFOs and IROs to present their results and business strategies for investors and analysts from the European and US equity and bond institutions. Company presentations, fireside chats, one-on-ones and small-group meetings will be scheduled throughout the days.
Please note that the participation in the European Investor Forum For Energy Leaders is free of charge and by invitation only.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

The EIFFEL Committee


Investor conference: One-on-ones, group meetings, fireside chats and cocktail reception

Investor conference: One-on-ones, group meetings and fireside chats

Gathering: over 150 institutional investors more than 20 European utilities issuers over 300 one-on-one meetings


For more information about the event and the registrations, please contact:

Claudia Nanni Marcel Schulze
0032 489 905180 0031 624 869 475

For more information, please also contact the broker partners:

Research analysts Lawson Steele Phone: ( 44) 020 3207 7887
Andrew Fisher Phone: ( 44) 020 3207 7937 Oliver Brown Phone: ( 44) 020 3207 7922
Neha Saxena Phone: ( 44) 020 3753 3048
Events Laura Hawes Phone: ( 44) 020 3753 3008
Corporate access Jennie Jiricny Phone: ( 44) 020 3207 7886 Lindsay Arnold Phone: ( 44) 020 3207 7821 Stella Siggins Phone: ( 44) 020 3465 2630


Research analysts Bosco Muguiro Phone: 34 91 289 33 46 Oscar Nájar Phone: 34 91 289 33 10
Corporate access Michael Garrett Phone: 34 91 257 22 42




Research analysts Sam Arie 44 2075671107 Hugo Liebaert 44 20756 88895 Rui Dias 44 2075670716
Corporate access Mary Jo Sullivan 44 20756 86025

Organizing committee


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CompanyDelegatesCountryAvailabilityMarket cap
AccionaRaimundo Fernández-Cuesta (M&A Director)
Pilar Sánchez de Ibargüen (Head of IR)
Spain15th March€4,1 Bn
CentricaMartyn Espley (Head of IR)
Rebecca Triffit (Director, IR)
United Kingdom15th March£12,5 Bn
DraxMark Strafford (IR Manager)United Kingdom14th March£1,5 Bn
EDPAntónio Mexia (CEO), only on 14th March
Nuno Alves (CFO)
Miguel Viana (Head of IR), only on 14th March
Sonia Pimpão (IR Manager)
Portugal14th & 15th March€10 Bn
EDP RenewablesRui Antunes (Head of IR, Planning & Control and Sustainability)
Maria Fontes (IR Manager)
Portugal14th March€ 5,0 Bn
Enagas Borja García-Alarcón (CFO)
Antonio Velázquez-Gaztelu (Head of IR)
César García del Rio (IR Manager)
Spain15th March€5,8 Bn
Engie ‎ ‎Arnaud Joan (IR Manager)
Sarah Kiriluk (IR Manager)
France15th March€29,5 Bn
Gas Natural FenosaCarlos Álvarez (CFO)
Luis Calvo (Head of IR)
Spain14th & 15th March€17,5 Bn
Greencoat UK WindStephen Lilley (Partner,
Greencoat Capital and Investment manager/CEO,
Greencoat UK Wind plc)
United Kingdom14th March£0.88 Bn
IberdrolaJosé Sainz (CFO)
Ignacio Cuenca (Director of IR)
Spain15th March€40 Bn
innogyLars Korinth (Senior IR Manager)
Martin Jäger (IR Manager)
Germany14 & 15th March€17,8 Bn
National GridAarti Singhal (Head of Investor Relations)
Stuart Humphreys (Group Financial Controller)
United Kingdom15th March£36,1 Bn
RENAna Fernandes (Head of IR)Portugal14th & 15th March€1.5 Bn
RWEGunhild Grieve (Head of Investor Relations)
Lenka Zikmundova (IR Manager)
Germany15th March€7,0 Bn
Saeta YieldÁlvaro Pérez de Lema (CFO)
Miguel A. Bermejo (Head of Management Control and IR)
Spain14th & 15th March€0.67 Bn
SnamMarco Alverà (CEO)
Alessandra Pasini (CFO)
Gabriele Giordani (Head of Investor Relations)
Italy14th March€13,3 Bn
SSEGregor Alexander (Finance Director)United Kingdom15th March£15,0 Bn
UniperKlaus Schäfer (CEO)
Marc Koebernick (Head of Investor Relations)
Germany15th March€5,0 Bn
VerbundPeter F. Kollmann (CFO)
Andreas Wollein (Head of Group Finance and Investor Relations)
Austria14th March€4,8 Bn
VoltaliaSébastien Clerc (CEO)
Marie de Lauzon (Chief Administrative Officer)
France14th March€0.44 Bn